Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Inspiration fabric

It was supposed to be just a short vacation to visit family but in reality it was a fabric shopping trip.  I was in the Twin Cities (MN) and got to go shopping at SR Harris, Mill End Textiles and Treadle Yard Goods with my SIL, who is also a sewist.  

If you haven't been there, SR Harris is a mega warehouse (30,000 sq ft) fabric store, with all fabrics at 50% off retail always. Allow 2-3 hours if you are browsing. They have a wide variety of standard and specialty fabrics. Here is a link to a 2011 video posted by SharonSewsShe also posted about the "Pattern Review 10th anniversary" shopping trip to SR Harris and other stores.

Mill End Textiles is a upper midwest chain store with discounted fabrics. The prices are about what you would get at Hancock or Joanns during a good sale, but you don't have to have a coupon or go during a sale (though I was there in early December and everything was an additional 30% off! Polartec 200 fleece for $3.99/yd!).

And now for something completely different...Treadle Yard Goods is a small, full service store with select stock of quality fabrics. They stock many natural fabrics, patterns from independent designers, and interesting buttons, as well as offering classes.  I bought some chambray to make a shirt. I hadn't found that at either of the other two stores that I went to.

So, the point of this post is my 2012 inspiration fabric that I found at Mill End Textiles.  I didn't want to randomly shop for fabric.  I've done enough of that in my time.  I found a plaid patchwork fabric that was labeled as burgundy, navy, and forest green and decided this could be my theme for the year. I plan to make this into a long sleeved blouse of some sort.  And look at it this way, with this fabric I won't have to worry about lining up my plaid lines! 

I don't have a SWAP project planned, but at least am going to mostly make things that will go together. My "fashion" style is quite casual. I wear scrubs at work and rarely dress up.  (In fact, I'd have to think hard to remember if I even own an actual dress).  Even though my clothes are casual, I still would like to have things that can go together and layer well, as opposed to the semi-random collection that is currently in my closet.

Sew on, friends...

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  1. Hi Sue!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and asking about PR Day 2011. I'm not sure if it will be an official annual PR Day, but those of us that gathered together will be planning meet-ups a few times each year. Email me (sewingbysharon at gmail dot com) so I can be sure to keep you in the loop.

    I LOVE all of the fabric stores you visited! I shopped at Quilter's Haven today for their annual 25% off all quilting cottons sale :-)


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