Friday, January 20, 2012

Princess Seams Conquered!

I have completed the vest!  As usual, this was drafted from Wild Ginger's Patternmaster Boutique (PMB5) software.  It is a princess seam vest with side panels and button front. The fabric is from Hancock Fabrics and is a brushed polyester with a slight nap to it. There is an underlying bright blue metallic thread that doesn't show up in these pictures. As I mentioned before, the shiny fabric is just the "wrong" side of the fashion fabric.  I thought the contrasting stripes would make a cool effect.  I was inspired by this dress created by The Slapdash Sewist.

The other "new" thing I did was to line this vest.  I had made one lined light-weight jacket before this, but that was with a Big-4 pattern and I just followed the directions. This one I had to figure out how to get the garment together given that I decided to line it AFTER I'd already assembled the vest.  I realized that the fashion fabric would probably stick to the shirt underneath and needed a slippery lining.  The lining is just blue polyester "lining material" from Hancock Fabrics.I am still learning about bagged linings, but more or less accomplished that with this one.  I ended up having to fold in the seam allowances on the armholes and top-stitch them, as that was my last opening between the vest and the lining. Long live WonderTape!  I had never used it before, but it was just the ticket to help keep the folded seam allowances and lining together while I top-stitched the armholes.

The vest fits quite well and all-in-all I'm quite happy with it.  I thought about making side vents but was also afraid they might stick out rather than lay flat. I had originally planned on this being a jacket but was unsure how it would work out, so made a vest instead.  I still have enough fabric to make a jacket and pants to go with it, so will start on the jacket soon.  

However, my next sewing venture is a long sleeved blouse from my 2012 inspiration fabric.  

I'm picturing a band collar with narrow ruffle, likewise ruffles on the cuffs and the front button band, something like this picture borrowed from Etsy shop HeightOfVintage:

I'm happy to have the vest done in time to wear it to my very-part-time job at a local sewing shop, the Cedar Falls Sewing Center.  I always like to wear something I made and I don't have many of those yet!

Until next time, 

Sew on, friends!


  1. Very nice, you'll get lots of wear out of it.
    Great colour too!

  2. Sue - I didn't see an email address to contact you but I wanted to tell you thank you. I have a Canon Powershot Elph and I was wondering how a tripod would work with the timer. I'm thrilled to learn that you use one with the timer on the camera. You can reach me at cnorman _ 98 at yahoo dot com. I would like to talk to you more about this because if I could avoid purchasing a new camera and just get a tripod to take my pics that would make me happiest! Thanks again!

  3. Carolyn, welcome to the tripod club and I'd be glad to help you. I sent you my contact information.



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