Sunday, January 8, 2012

Biting my fingernails! or Princess seam anxiety!

It's time to get my nerve up!  I was was planning on making a princess seam jacket to wear over slacks/jeans, but I've never done princess seams before. I have several yards of this fabric that I bought on sale, so I decided I could make a vest first, not worry about sleeves in case it didn't work out. As usual, I drafted the pattern using PatternMaster Boutique software.  If the first attempt works out okay, I'll have a vest that I can wear with or without the jacket. If it doesn't, I won't have put in as much work and materials as I will for the final jacket.

The fabric appears to be a woven brushed polyester.  It is dark blue and there is a subtle light blue metallic thread in the background.

Okay, time to vote.  For my topstitching, should I use dark blue thread that will blend in, or fancy light blue thread to coordinate with the metallic background thread?

Sew on, friends!

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