Monday, February 27, 2012

Long sewing weekend

Plaid Patchwork Blouse completed!  I think I like this blouse, but I do have some reservations.
It's the combination of the style choices and the fabric. Since it is a patchwork fabric, it has a lot of seams, which has the effect of making it somewhat stiff, not very drapey.  I'm not sure the casual (not fitted) shirt style I chose does well with the more formal ruffles and stiff nature of the fabric.
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I chose the casual pattern style because it has few darts, which I thought would be a good idea given the number of seams in this fabric already.  

Also, the forearm area needs to be looser...
There are a few minor sewing mistakes, but nothing worth mentioning. ;-) Given that it is a cotton/poly blend, I am surprised how much the fabric wrinkled after being washed.  And it isn't easy to iron because all those seams raise the iron above a fabric a bit.   In spite of all that, I think the longer I wear the blouse, the more I'm going to like it.  It's the same as the "magic" that happens when you hang a newly made blouse in the closet for a few weeks and it comes out better than it went in.  ;-)

What worked well: 
 - longer shirt stays tucked in better (than previous shirt)
 - ruffles  :-)
 - serged edges - hard to fold over the edges with so many seams in this fabric, so all edges are serged, including the hem and the ruffles
 - I made the ruffles 1 in wide plus SA

Changes for next time:
 - larger circumference for the forearm
 - slightly longer sleeve overall (not counting the ruffles)
 - less body ease, made it more full in the body than it needed to be

Info for users of Patternmaster software:
 - Style: Casual shirt
 - Sleeve: Tapered
 - Collar: Band
 - Ease: Chest 4 in, Waist 2.5 in, Hip 5 in

All-in-all, it is a keeper!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep on sewing!

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  1. Sewing and blogging. The bar is set so high! Looks great--love the way the patchwork matches!


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