Friday, March 2, 2012

Finishing the Winter Projects

The situation at work is getting back towards normal, so I am back to mostly working 4 days/week.  And you all know how I prefer to spend my day off!  I should be cleaning today, but I've been working hard and deserve this day off, don't you think?  ;-)  

Besides, I need to get my "winter" sewing projects done before it's too warm to wear them. I am back to finishing off my stash of fleece.  I had purchased green fleece and burgundy fleece to go with my inspiration fabric colors. I have created a pattern (using PMB5) for an armscye princess hooded sweatshirt.

Of course I have to make it more complicated, so I'm including zippered pockets in the princess seam (not in the side seam as pictured above), zippered godets/vents on the cuffs, and I'm going to put a zipper in the center hood seam so it can lay back flat when not in use.  And I reserve the right to change my mind as I go along!  

Usually I start from scratch with a new pattern each time I make something, mostly because I want to try out different pattern styles and features, and also because I want some variety in my wardrobe.  However this time, in the interest of expediency, I am going to use this pattern for both the green and burgundy fleece that are in line to be made into something warm and comfy. 

The inside fabric raw edge of the front zipper and the hood zipper will be covered with a woven ribbon trim.  The burgundy jacket will have a dark red/white checked ribbon and the green jacket will have (don't laugh) camo.  I'm not normally a "camo" type, but I liked the colors better than anything else I found. I may also use the red/white trim on the outside of the burgundy jacket, just for something a little different from the green one.
This is not a good representation of the color, it really is burgundy
For the inside of the pockets (which are double layered), I was hoping to find polyester athletic jersey material, the stuff with the "holes" in it, in black.  I didn't find any black athletic jersey at the two local stores, but I did find it in burgundy.  
While I was standing in line waiting to get my fabric cut, I stumbled across rip-stop nylon in, you guessed it, camo.  So that will be the pocket material for the green jacket.

I got the idea for the pockets and the trim from a fleece vest I have that was purchased in northern Minne-snow-ta from a company called Wintergreen.  They make "northern wear" and have outfitted some of the polar expeditions!  

Also note that this fleece has a Jacquard type pattern to it, the likes of which I've not seen anywhere else.  Is this a custom product or does anyone else know of a source for textured/patterned fleece like this?

The other challenge in this pattern is the pocket zippers.  On the blue vest above, the zipper opens through the princess seam and into the space between the two layers of pocket material.  Here are my practice versions of that (the light blue fabric is the outside, the white fabric is the inside).  Still some improvement needed but I'm getting the idea worked out.

It is sort of like an inseam pocket and a welt pocket combined.  Wish me luck.  It is figuring out things like this that make my projects take a long time, but it should go faster on future ones!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep on sewing!


  1. Very Cool! :-)

    I'm thinking of getting the Wild Ginger Software for Knits. I had some Wild Ginger software years ago and it wasn't that great. But it looks like they've improved a lot.

    1. Chris, I sent you a private reply, but realized I should post an answer here too. I've been using WG through two versions and they continue to improve and expand their products. Demos are available of all their products. There are three levels of products (Click and Sew, Patternmaster, and Cameo). Most people I know use Patternmaster ( which has different versions (women's woven, women's knits, mens, children, and bodywear). Feel free to write me with any questions and I'll try to answer. There is also a community forum ( where you can ask questions and read discussions.

      I have no financial interest in this company, just a satisfied user.

  2. Nice jacket! I really like the lines with the princess seams and having pockets there is very comfortable. I've got a RTW fleece jacket with just those design elements, and I'd love to copy. The hood is a great addition. If you don't mind, I'd love to copy your design!

    Oh, and thanks for following me!

    1. You are welcome to anything I have posted. Feel free to contact me if you any questions. Thanks for posting!


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