Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sewing is an Art Form - Claire Kennedy

We learn from each other and I was encouraged and inspired when I read Claire Kennedy's new posting about Sewing as an Art form.  This paragraph sums up her ideas and brings a little peace to my soul.

Sewing is an art form – PERIOD!!!!  And approaching it this way gives you insight on many of the dilemmas and decisions you make when you’re sewing.  To be consternated, frustrated, confused about making decisions about patterns, fabrics, designs and fittings – is NORMAL!!!  It’s all part of the process and the problem solving that you will do in completing your creative project.  To have great equipment and great supplies means that you will have a better chance of a great garment.  To practice and keep your skills honed, means that you will have better results and faster.

Read the rest of her post here

Thanks for stopping by, and keep on sewing!


  1. Sue - thanks for the link....hopefully this will help folks understand the process of sewing and not be so hard on themselves or think that because it doesn't go lickety-split that something is wrong - it's actually not - this is the way is supposed to go!

  2. Claire, I improved the formatting. Whew! Learn something every day.


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