Sunday, March 11, 2012

Warm, Soft Jacket!

I wish you could feel this fabric.  It is Polartec 300 fleece, the thickest of their classic fleece products.  It has a sheared finish and is OH SO soft!  Warm and cozy!  I intentionally made it longer than my previous ones for warmth.

My biggest challenge was the pockets. I learned how to do an inseam pocket with zipper by reading my sewing books, specifically "Sew the New Fleece" (1997) by Rochelle Harper.  I'm pleased with the quality of the pockets, however the pockets are too low because I had forgotten that I needed to move the pockets higher above the hem, given that I'd lengthened the jacket. I DO like the way this also forms two inside open pockets between the fleece and the nylon.

The other problem is that the way this pattern drafts for me (PMB5 as usual), the front panel is narrow and the side panel is wider.  This makes the pocket opening too close to the center.  Between that and the the low positioning, I will probably be taking these pockets out and doing them over.  Stay tuned.

As I mentioned previously, I ended up with "camo" trim and pockets on this jacket.  That wasn't my plan, but when I went looking for grosgrain ribbon, camo was the one I thought matched the best.  I was standing in line to get my fabric cut when I spotted the camo rip-stop nylon.  I figured "in for a penny, in for a pound".  I really like the use of the ribbon to cover the zipper and fabric edge.

The hood is comfortable, but I see in this picture that when I put the hood on, the front hem comes up higher.  Next time I make a hood, I'll make it a little longer and probably a little deeper.  I put in eyelets for a drawstring (first time I'd used eyelets) but don't have a string yet.
I wanted some sort of placket on the sleeves, so I did a zippered gore (another first, both the gore and the zipper).  I'm quite happy with how that turned out, though the inside doesn't bear close examination (not pretty).  If anyone can point me towards a good tutorial on this, I'd appreciate seeing it.

PMB5 settings:
Classic jacket
Shoulder princess darts
Fitted hood
Sleeve height adjustment of -2 to give more freedom of movement (see, I'm learning!)

And here's a peak at the burgundy jacket (mentioned in the Mar 2 post) in progress:
Notice something different?  More to come...

Off topic:  We live on a small lake and this week the Buffleheads are here to visit.  They are a migrating diving bird that we only see for a few days a year.  Beautiful little birds!  Do you see these birds and what time of year?  Does anyone see them all summer long?
(Picture from Cornell Lab of Ornithology web site)

Thanks for stopping by, and keep on sewing!


  1. hi - great jacket! just wondering where you got that nice fabric. I expect to make a similar jacket (within the next year, or so - LOL!)

  2. Chris, The fabric is Polartec 300, which you can buy from a number of places. I bought mine from Mill End Textiles in Crystal MN (( I just happened to stop by there, didn't know they carried Polartec. I bought it in early December when they had a store-wide sale. Their prices are discounted already, so I got mine for $3.50/yd!! My next upcoming jacket was Polartec 200 and I paid $7.50/yd from SR Harris ( SR Harris sells all their fabric at 50% off, no coupons needed.

  3. Hi Sue!
    You probably already know this, but just in case you don't... You can make the center front panel wider (and make the side/front narrower) by moving the bust point outward...using a larger number for the Bust Point- Horizontal setting.
    Nice Jacket!

  4. Trisha, I thought about that but wasn't sure if that would look funny, out of alignment with my bust. I think guess I should draft it up and see.


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