Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winter is officially over

At least my winter sewing is officially over.  I finished my last fleece garment for the year.  This is the same pattern as the previous jacket, but with some minor changes. (Click on images for larger picture)
I found a rose patterned tapestry-like trim that went well with the fabric.  
One thing I realized was that I could use an enlargement of my line-drawing from my PMB5 pattern to help me plan my project:

Originally, I intended to do welt pockets, using the rose trim on the welt, but somewhere along the line I decided to switch to patch pockets, though I find patch pockets somewhat frustrating because they never come out as well as I'd like (repeat the mantra: "Done is better than perfect, Done is better than perfect.")  The good news is that they mostly blend in with the jacket and no one else is likely to notice.  
The pockets are lined with the athletic jersey material I had intended to use to create inside pockets:
This time I used blue grosgrain ribbon on the neck, hem and zipper seams.
My original intention was to create straps something like you'd see on a trench coat and attach the trim to the straps.  
Some experimentation showed that this was not feasible with the thick fleece. So, instead I just applied the trim directly to the sleeves and back of the jacket. I also top-stitched the seams to make them stand out a bit more.
Of course, I think I am all done, zip the jacket, and I see this:
Oh bother!  How in the heck did that happen?  And I thought I was measuring the hem evenly.  Maybe the fabric stretched or maybe....???  Oh well, it didn't take long to fix.
Hey look, I can get my hands in the pockets this time!

Thanks for stopping by, and keep on sewing!

And remember: 

And as Phyllis Carlyle says:
"Done is better than perfect!"

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  1. Your jacket is done and looks great. You did a great job with the trim. I know that you will wear the jacket often.


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