Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pants and Ensemble!

    Now that my sewing area is accessible again (see previous post) I have been able to start sewing again.  I was thinking it'd be fun to make some blouses, but when I went through my closet, it was clear I really needed pants more than tops. I have a large stack of pants that "don't quite fit".  ;-)  This was the incentive I needed to work on making a PMB pants pattern that fits.
    I had made a pair of shorts last summer, and they were wearable but a bit "wedgie" in the back.  In comparing PMB5 pants styles, I noticed that the Trouser version had more crotch horizontal extension than either the Slacks or Jeans versions (which I had used for the shorts), so decided I would try that. 
    I'm happy to report that I now have two pairs of wearable slacks.  Are they perfect, no, but they are a step in the right direction.   (Click pictures for larger images)

And even more exciting, I now have a vest/slacks set that I can wear with a variety of blouses! The first pair of pants matched the dark blue vest I made earlier.  I just made simple pants, no pockets, etc.  The pants are comfortable, though a bit snug around the thigh when I sit down.  


    And yes, my right leg _is_ shorter than my left leg. I'm always amazed how much it shows up when I do clothing photos.   
   Analysis: I also think I should widen the leg a bit by the knee, as these seem to make me look knock-kneed. There are still some other issues to be resolved.  The pants are relatively higher in front than in back.  I need to lower the front waistline and raise the back waistline some more.  I also need add a bit more room to the seat.

 I was going through my stash and found another fabric that was similar, even though it didn't fit in my current navy/forest/burgundy design color scheme. (Sorry about the bare middriff, I'm just trying to show the waistline and the pockets.)

Compared to the first pair:
- added "Jeans" style hip pockets.  
- raised the back waistline and lowered the front waistline a bit more.  
- slightly increased the back crotch extension and decreased the hip ease.
- slightly raised the hip level.
Analysis: I'm going to try yet more back crotch extension on my next pair.  The hip width is much better.  The increased knee width makes them more comfortable around the thigh when I sit down.

Note to self:  Remember to check the nap on the fabric BEFORE cutting next time. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by, and keep on sewing!


  1. I thought the bare midrif was a wide high belt and went 'oh cute! what a good idea.' Ooops =P

  2. I'll have to consider a wide high belt!

  3. nice pants! I agree with your assessment...need more back crotch extension. I look forward to seeing the new and improved pants to come! ;)


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