Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reversible for Summer

I have a summer outfit completed!  Okay, so it was supposed to be for last summer, but only you and I know that, right?  This is a continuation of my pants fitting process as well as (tada!) my first reversible garment (the shirt is purchased). Notice I gave you guys a change of scenery!  (please click for photos for larger images)

As usual, this is a Patternmaster Boutique v5 computer generated pattern.

I even made the belt!  

The white fabric is stretch denim (comfy!) and the print fabric is a basic cotton fabric that I had picked up because I liked it, then it languished in my closet for a couple of years. When I went to pick a fabric for the flip side of the vest, I knew immediately which fabric it would be.

Compared to the previous pants (tan pants), for this pair I changed some settings:
- lowered front waist height
- raised back waist height
- increased back crotch extension
- increased knee width
- increased waist ease
- changed to a contoured waist band

- I originally planned this as a reversible denim vest, but I can already tell that I will mostly wear it with the print side out.
- I'm still not sure about the pants length.  I experimented with a couple of lengths and went with the shorter one, but wonder if maybe they shouldn't have been even shorter.
- The lacing detail on the pants was intended to be an actual vent that was laced together, but I ended up going with just the decorative rather than functional version.  If I do that again, I would make a wider seam allowance rather than the vent facing I was considering.

- The "astute sewist" will notice that I even matched the pattern across the front of the vest!  ("astute sewist" is an allusion to a comment in a college calculus textbook that I have never forgiven forgotten which read "the bright student will notice...".  Needless to say, I hadn't noticed, and wouldn't have!.  I have resented that phrase to this day! Academic PTSD. LOL)

What will I change for the next pair of pants, you ask? (I'm sure I heard you ask that).
- I really like the fit and feel of the contoured waistband, so will keep that option.
- I am still trying to round out the back crotch a little more using the PMB5 "back crotch shape" settings, though maybe it's not the crotch as much as the center back that needs more room.
- The back pockets will be larger and closer to the center seam.
- I'd like to take some of the slack out of the lower front area, so will be tweaking that setting down the line, too.
As far as the vest goes, I'm fairly happy with how that came out. I might make it a tad shorter next time to see how that looks.  I drafted it with two darts front and back but only sewed one. It would be more fitted if I sewed both.
But all-in-all, I have to say I'm very pleased with the direction my pants fitting is going and I'm enjoying having coordinated outfits for a change!

Next on the cutting table: dark teal colored shorts...stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep on sewing!

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