About me

What I do:

Sewing: Welcome to my sewing blog. I will be sharing my sewing adventures as I learn more about making garments, mostly for myself, but occasionally for others. I consider myself an intermediate sewer. I have been sewing off-and-on since I was 11.  Since 2009, I have been using PatternMaster Boutique software from Wild Ginger. It allows me to make patterns to my measurements and to pick the style and features. I am still learning about drafting and customizing patterns. It is ever an adventure, so let's share it.

I look forward to your comments as I post about my sewing projects, including the trials and tribulations of trying to create garments that fit well.

Work: By profession I am a Registered Nurse working in the post-surgical recovery room of a small hospital, having come to nursing as a mid-life career change from being a database administrator.

Family: I am (re-)married and we are happy empty-nesters with 5 children and 2 grand-children between us.